Becket, aka King of Thor, is a true Berkshire baby. He was born in the spring of 2013, and is Cohen + White’s mascot, guard dog, official office greeter, and overall mood stabilizer and stress reducer for every agent in the company. He loves everyone, young and old, and thoroughly enjoys all aspects of real estate; the socializing that goes with showings and especially viewings of properties—plus hikes in the woods with a stream or pond—are just a bonus. Even if you’re not in the market to sell or buy a home or property in the Berkshires, feel free to stop by and say hi to Becket. He’ll instantly turn even a bad day into a happy one. To know him is to love him!

You can most often find me:

Sleeping and watching TV while glazing outside.

My favorite Berkshire hidden gem is:

My neighbors backyard.

My ideal day off in the Berkshires:

A nice long sniffing walk around the streets of Lenox followed up by a belly rub before a nap.

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