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Alford Real Estate 1

Originally settled in 1750, Alford is one of the best-kept secrets of the Berkshires. The population remains steady around 500 people, and second-home owners and retirees make up a large percentage of the population. Just as it was more than 250 years ago, Alford is a farming community, and has no stores, hotels, gas stations, or post office. Residential development is strictly controlled, so Alford continues to maintain its unspoiled, pastoral quality. It’s the perfect private country town to bike, run, and walk for miles, and run into no more than a few friendly cows at the fence.

While Alford doesn’t have cable TV or Internet, and cell service is spotty at best, it’s worth springing for the high-speed satellite and cellular booster in order to enjoy the incredible scenery, seclusion, and peacefulness. Alford Brook, which runs into the Green River, is widely regarded as one of the best fishing spots in the Berkshires. The town is tucked between Great Barrington and the New York State border, so you’re never more than a few minutes away from shopping and modern conveniences. If you’re an artist or value living and working in a serene, quiet, inspiring atmosphere, you’ll love Alford.

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