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While New Marlborough was one of the first towns to be settled in the Berkshires in the early 1700s, in modern times, its peaceful, noncommercial atmosphere and location on the southern tip of the county have earned it hidden-gem status. Comprised of five villages—New Marlborough, Clayton, Mill River, Hartsville, and Southfield—New Marlborough is a former mill town and stagecoach stop along the Konkapot River, with a historic village center surrounding a scenic green. This is the hub of the lively little town.

A postcard-pretty place, New Marlborough welcomes both tourists and locals alike to its natural attractions—Lake Buel and the stunning Campbell Falls and Umpachene Falls—as well as its quintessential New England inns. The town is equally ideal for a relaxed stroll, cross-country skiing, fine dining, and entertaining at home on the porch or patio.

Take a day to explore New Marlborough, and we think you’ll be hooked. Then allow us to be your guides in finding homes for sale in this distinctive town.